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1. Bosworth Farm Rock Engravings

Figures and symbols and depictions of animals, including the beautifully engraved white Rhinoceros
An archaeological gem is situated on Bosworth Farm where rock engravings that date back to as far as 1884


Located north-west of Klerksdorp, North-West Province, South Africa. Travel north-west out of Klerksdorp, direction Ventersdorp for 2 km on the R30.
Turn right onto the Buffeldoorn road and follow this for 20 km.
Turn right at the 'Bosworth Stud sign' and go to the farmhouse where the Orfords will direct you to the site.

Contact Details

The Orfords
PO Box 131
Tel & Fax: +27 (0)18 468 7527.
E-mail: (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it)

What is there to see?

A large rock engraving site with over 400 Bushman and Khoe herder rock engravings. The site is notable for the many depictions of human figures.
Look out for the charging rhinoceros, the large elephant, the man and ostrich dancing, the flight of birds and the many geometric motifs.
Bosworth also has many stone artefacts dating from over 1 million years ago. Please leave everything as you found it.

2.Goudkoppie Heritage Hill

situated on the N12 Treasure Route this National Heritage site is over 2000 million years old.
Goudkoppie prominently features an old ammunition container, which was used by soldiers in the Second World War of Independence.
Replicas of Tswana huts CA 1750-1820 can also be viewed at this fascinating site.

3. The NG Mother Church (1898)

Nederduitch Hervormde Church and Museum (1866) are beautiful and interesting tourist attractions.

4. The Old Cemetery houses

968 graves of British soldiers and their families who died in the Klerksdorp Concentration Camp during the Anglo Boer War.

5. Fountain Villa

is a quaint Guest House situated on one of the oldest streets in the North West Province and has recently been declared a National Monument.

6. The Railway Station and Old Flag Room

Opened by President Paul Kruger when the line from Krugersdorp reached the town in 1897, Klerksdorp's first national monument.

7. Archbishop Desmond Tutu Birth Site

Archbishop Desmond Tutuwas born in Klerksdorp and his birth site is located just 4 kilos of the N 12 Treasure Route.
Plans are currently underway to develop a commemorative centre to honour the Nobel Laurete who is also an honouree citizen of Klerksdorp.

8. Margaret Mine Shaft

This shaft is located off the n 12 Treasure route as you enter Klerksdorp. This was the first concrete headgear ever built in the world.

It was built during the Second World war of Independence when metal was in short supply and mining activities needed to go on.

Golf, fly fishing, hunting, horse riding, walking trails, bird watching, water sports, gliding, 4 x 4 trails, rock climbing, mine tours, game watching eco tourism, adventure tourism, unique historical and paleontological sites, shopping, movies, rocking night clubs, many restaurants to choose from. Klerksdorp also offers huge potential for investment in the tourism industry.

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