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Parks & Cemeteries


The Parks, Cemeteries, Sport & Recreation Section is within the Community Services Department which falls under the Directorate of Municipal and Social Services.


The function of this section is to provide and maintain well-kept parks, recreational, cemeteries as well as neat, tidy and regular cut pavements and under-developed open spaces.  In doing so a pleasant environment is created for all citizens of the broader Matlosana area.

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Parks, Cemeteries, Sport & Recreation Projects

Parks Section

: The aim is to develop and maintain all parks, open spaces, cemeteries, conserved areas and sport and recreation.

The following are key areas:

Planning, design and landscaping;
Park utilization management;
Environmental conservation, including biodiversity management and awareness;
Parks, open spaces and cemetery maintenance;

Horticultural and arboriculture projects;
Bio-aquatic management;
Conservation, rehabilitation, enhancement of ecosystems;
Invader species control;
Infra structural maintenance;
Nursery operations;
Cemeteries management:  burials and archival records;
Project Management and facilities management; and Training and educational projects.
The Parks Section is also involved in:
Road island beautification;
Water features;
Master Plan;
Regular Park and Cemetery development;
Reviewing initiatives to enhance safety in parks;
Provided added value in capital projects;
The empowerment of women.

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