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Administration Notices

Notice No: 53 of 2022 - Amendment and Adjustment of various Tariffs and Levies

Provincial Gazette No: 8339 - Notice No: 283 of 2022 - Amendment of Municipal Electricity By-law - 5 April 2022

Information Statement for ABSA Vehicle Loan Agreement - November 2017

Planning & Human Settlements: Spatial Planning & Land Use Management

General Notice No: 44 of 2022 - Invitation for nominations for persons to be appointed as members of the City of Matlosana Local Municipal Planning Tribunal
Nomination Form for members of the City of Matlosana Local Municipal Planning Tribunal - 2022

Budget Office Notices

Approval of "the Annual Budget and IDP 2022/2023" and "the Oversight Report on the Annual Report of 2020/2021"

Municipal Pound Notices

Muncipal Pound Notice

Previous Public Notices

Previous Public Notices.


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